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A Typical Vigeant Post

In the Late Aughts some friends and I were experimenting with cutting out funny pictures from old magazines and arranging them in strange ways on our refrigerator. It was our unique way of sharing our distorted sense of humor with eachother in our 11-person house. Now we no longer share the same house, let alone the same refrigerator. How can we share our weird images with eachother? Thankfully, there's Instagram.

Instagram, the free social media network that allows users to share, like and comment on photos all through a mobile device, can be incredibly boring. It's commonplace to make fun of how the only thing most of your real-life friends post is pictures of their brunch.

But for some, Instagram is amazing. Those some usually are following Mark Vigeant, the Famous New York Comedian, whose images very from gross pictures of himself:

living my best life 📷 @drewlusterusa

A photo posted by Mark Vigeant (@stinkycheeseman) on

... to social commentary:

come at me

A photo posted by Mark Vigeant (@stinkycheeseman) on

... to New Yorker Caption Contest Submissions that never get accepted:

"I like to post what I think is funny, and I find most things funny," said Mr. Vigeant. "But I also hate being on my phone too much so I don't post a lot. But I post a bunch. I don't know. Stop asking me."

His account is breathtakingly brilliant and should be followed by everyone. Go, do it now!